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Main Responsibilities

Ours is a secretariat created for assisting the President in managing school affairs. The Secretariat Office was established in 1987. It is located at the 6st floor of Administration Building.It is mainly responsible for managing meeting affairs and agenda, processing official documents, tracking and assessing general administrative affairs, organizing official ceremonies and activities, and in charge of public relations and general services. It supports the Office of President, as well as the Office of Vice President, by coordinating among colleges, institutes, departments, divisions and all administrative units.


  • Duties

The office focuses on the promotion of administrative development and service efficacy; also it works to raise the public and campus images of the university.

  • Work items include

◎ Holding strategic meetings such as university affairs meetings, administrative meetings, university development councils.

◎ Assist in the issuance of miscellaneous receipts and documents.

◎ Codifying regulations, projects, and assist in evaluation and visits.

◎ Public affairs work, such as receiving guests, contacting the media, issuing news, and management of university archives.

◎ Controls and checks, implementing internal mechanisms, effective use of campus resources.

◎ File management, electronic official documents Online Approval.

◎ Official documents reminder, Integrated services.

◎ Official documents incoming and outgoing.