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Organization Members

Secretary General

Professor Chang, Yung-Cheng

Tel: +886-3283201 ext.1616

Fax: +886-3-3284047

Email : cychen@ntsu.edu.tw


Master Degree, National Taiwan Sport University


1.  Coach of 2018 Asia Cross Country Championships

2. Track and field coach of XXIX Summer Universiade



Office of the Secretariat

Staff and Duties



Senior Executive Officer

  1. Proofreading of documents
  2. Coordinating business within the Section
  3. Other assigned matters

Division Director

  1. Campus-wide epidemic prevention
  2. Proofreading of documents
  3. Other assigned matters


  1. University Meeting
  2. University Evaluation
  3. Media correspondence

Senior Clerk

  1. Administrative Meeting
  2. Budget regulation

Project assistant

  1. Research affairs
  2. University statistics

Office assistant

Official documents (incoming & outgoing)

Office assistant

President  schedule arrangement


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